Photograph taken by Fanny for an AAU student project

Born Chinese; raised latin

Raised in a foreign country by a very traditional Cantonese family but also surrounded by natives. I learned about both cultures. The Chinese one instilled by my parents and the Venezuelan one—a mixture of several European ethnicities. The diverse cultural background led me to develop an exceptional sense of art. I had a good taste for visual images.

At age 14, I found a new artistic hobby. It felt like I was inventing a new form of art to express myself, which later I decided to name it “image make up”. I started to analyze images meticulously. I studied the original visual condition and transformed them into a new image, by increasing contrast, color changing, combining different shades of different images into one, experimenting with different exposures, making collages (combining different images together) and so on. My objective was always to create new visual experiences, rich and exciting ones.

Soon after high school, I had to decide my future profession. At first I decided to study Economy. However, the decision did not last and I finally settled on Graphic Design. The idea of communicating a message graphically to an audience by using images and type together was intriguing and exciting. Three years later, I completed my studies and received my BFA Degree in Graphic Design.

For a year, I worked as a freelance designer and instructed Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator at my former university. Eventually I decided to push my career further and share my talents with new audiences. I moved to San Francisco—the capital of art and design with a diverse mixed culture. Today I am pursuing my MFA in Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University.